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With many years of Endocannabinoid System (ECS) training and studying, our staff will ensure you find the right product for your health needs.

High Quality

Our products are 4x tested: 3x at the lab, plus 1x by our team. Other CBD providers may only test 1x at the lab. We always provide you with proven options that work every time.

Top Brands

Our team has been actively testing thousands of CBD items. We are thrilled to provide you with the brands that meet our high standards.

Many Options

All products are non-toxic and a great alternative to pharmaceuticals. We are happy to offer a wide variety of options thar are Gluten Free, Vegan, Organic, Non-GMO

Pet Health

We love our furry little four-legged friends. We offer the highest quality CBD choices that are forumlated to help maintain their ECS.


People and Pets have the same processing system to absorb and breakdown cannabinoids!

CBD Can Help in Many Ways



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Customers Thank Us
When I take the LIIV Organics Recovery Mint Spray, I feel calm and relaxed. It has especially helped my stomach settle down and really helped improve my IBS-D condition. I make sure to use it a couple times every day.
IBS-D Patient
As a Registered Nurse, I come across all types of pain relief medication, and I know that they become quite addictive. When my son suffered a bad back injury, I did not want him to get hooked on drugs. Thankfully, I came across a topical rub on LIIV Organics after plenty of research. My son started using it twice a day, immediately noticed a big difference, and his pain subsided.
Kari K.
RN + Mom
Before I started using CBD products, my arms and hands were so stiff that it hurt to do my favorite activities. After I found the 300mg Cool Stick on LIIV Organics, my pain began to disappear. I'm so glad I found this convenient online store. Do yourself a favor and try it!
Nancy A.
Retired Grandma
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