10 Benefits of Using CBD Oil

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a chemical compound found in cannabis that is know to have many natural, healing benefits. CBD is a great choice for patients looking to find relief from anxiety, inflammation, pain, seizures, psychosis, and many more illnesses without causing a high that you would get from THC, making it a wonderful alternative solution for countless people.

1. Reduce Pain

One of CBD’s most celebrated benefits is it’s pain-relieving abilities. Various studies have been published that explore this pain-relieving effect, such as this study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, where CBD was found to reduce pain in mice and rats. However, it is not only rats or rodents that experience the relief in pain. Considering all mammals, including humans, have the same endocannabinoid system and receptors, a 2008 study review recognized that CBD reduced pain and offered relief in patients, with no negative side effects.

CBD is a great alternative to prescription drug use to aide in reducing pain. Many prescription drugs are highly addictive and bring unpleasant side effects. While prescription drugs are chemicals that are synthetically manufactured in laboratories, CBD is 100% natural and comes entirely from a plant. To treat any pains or aches that come from arthritis, exercise, or injuries, try using a CBD topical like the Wildflower Healing Stick or the Wildflower Aches CBD Vaporizer.

2. Improve Sleep

An overwhelming 70 million people worldwide suffer from insomnia or other kinds of sleep disorders. While many people turn to sleeping pills to help them sleep better, CBD is a much healthier, safer, natural remedy for insomnia and other sleep disorders. One study revealed that using CBD oil was a proven effective way to reduce insomnia and improve sleep in children. Another study revealed that CBD improved sleep-related behaviors in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

To improve sleep and help with sleep disorders such as insomnia, try the LIIV Wellness Galaxy Night Blend Sleep Drops.

3. Prevent Brain Deterioration/Alzheimer’s

The brain is a complex organ that can change throughout a person’s lifetime. Unfortunately, this also includes brain disorders and conditions that are degenerative. Luckily, CBD has been shown to have positive results in reducing the prevalence of brain disorders such as seizures and psychosis

The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease published research that found that CBD was able to prevent the onset and development of social recognition deficit in patients. What this means is that CBD has the potential to help people in the early stages of degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, so that they can continue to be able to recognize the faces of people that they know. This is the first evidence that suggests CBD has the ability to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Reduce Anxiety

Today, we know that anxiety disorders are much more common than what they were once believed to be. Anxiety disorders include: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and more. A study by the University of São Paulo found that CBD reduced social anxiety significantly. CBD activates the serotonin receptors in the brain, leading to increased feelings of happiness and well-being. 

To help reduce anxiety and promote a feeling of a well-balanced, focused mood, try the LIIV Wellness Fresh Start Blend Tincture.

5. Treat and Prevent Cancer

While there is unfortunately no definite cure for cancer, there are ways to prevent the onset of the disease. Research has shown that the use of CBD can lead to a decrease in cancer cells, as well as prevent the formation of new cancer cells. Furthermore, cancer patients could find using CBD to be extremely beneficial as it can reduce symptoms often associated with chemotherapy (such as pain and nausea) while also helping fight cancer cells.

6. Anti-Seizure Properties for Epilepsy

When an unusually extreme fluctuation of electrical activity in the brain occurs, seizures can take place. Over the years, specific cases have brought more awareness to CBD’s anti-seizure properties, but only recently has science been able to confirm this property. The New England Journal of Medicine published a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial study that explored how CBD affected patients with Dravet syndrome, a rare type of epilepsy with seizures that are often onset by a fever. The patients who received CBD experienced a reduction in seizure frequency by a median of 38.9 percent.

Even more so, in 2018 the FDA approved the use of CBD (Epidiolex) as a therapy for treating two rare conditions that are characterized by epileptic seizures (Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome). These types of seizures are difficult to control with other types of medication, so the fact that CBD has been able to help those with this condition is nothing short of miraculous.

7. Reduce Risk of Diabetes

One health benefit of CBD oil that is often under-discussed is how CBD can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. A study published in Neuropharmacology explored the effect that CBD had on non-obese diabetes-prone mice. With overwhelming results, only 32 percent of the mice that received CBD were diagnosed with diabetes, compared to 100 percent of the untreated group.

Type 1 diabetes results from inflammation that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks cells in the pancreas. In 2016, a study published by Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation found that CBD could ease this inflammation, due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties. This suggests a future in using CBD-based treatments for Type 1 diabetes.

8. Reduce Inflammation

Chronic pain and stiffness can mean that your body isn’t being allowed to fully heal properly. Since CBD contains prominent anti-inflammatory properties, the muscles and joints in the body have the chance to recover as a result of inflammation being reduced. 

CBD is a wonderful alternative to prescription drugs to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation that causes pain, allowing your body to recover.

To help reduce inflammation, try Wildflower CBD+ Oil Capsules.

9. Reduce Acne

Acne is caused by inflammation and hyperactive sebaceous glands in the body. The Journal of Clinical Investigation published a study in 2014 found CBD to help lower sebum production that leads to acne, as a result of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. Sebum is an oily substance that can cause acne when it is overproduced. CBD has promising benefits in the world of treating acne.

To help reduce acne, try Sow Eden’s Whipped CBD Body Butter in Cinnamon Vanilla.

10. Help Quit Smoking

Evidence suggests that the use of CBD may be able to help smokers quit smokingstudy published in Addictive Behaviors found that smokers that used inhalers that contained CBD smoked fewer cigarettes than normal and didn’t have more cravings for nicotine. CBD can reduce symptoms associated with substance use, such as anxiety, pain, and insomnia. 






























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