Can CBD Prevent or Treat Alzheimer’s?


Alzheimer’s is a disease caused by inflammation in certain critical parts of the brain. Disorders like Alzheimer’s can hollow out a person’s neurological function to a point where they are unrecognizable cognitively, but still physically the same. Unfortunately, over 5 million Americans suffer from brain degenerative disorders. These disorders destroy families, careers, and the memories that give a person their entire context of existence.

The Trouble With Alzheimer’s

The rate of failure of modern medicine in attempting to combat this disorder is very discouraging. Recently, an article for the journal “Inside Science” discussed the tremendous difficulties researchers are having combating this strange and illusive illness. Essentially all major clinical trials of Alzheimer drugs have been failures. Even some of the world’s most accredited and successful medical research firm seem to make no progress on finding a cure.

CBD Brings Hope

With the lack of success that the medical community has had in combating this horrendous disease, it is unlikely that an all-out cure is simply waiting around the corner. However, there are some non-traditional approaches that show promise towards a better future. One substance- CBD- could potentially be one of the most effective tools in combating degenerative neurological disorders.

How Does CBD Help?

CBD (Cannabidiol) has consistently displayed a tremendous ability to slow the rate and intensity of inflammation, including neurological inflammation. And the best part? CBD comes with non-toxic effects. This is in not in any-way saying that CBD has the power to cure someone of all brain degenerative symptoms. However, these new studies suggest that there is hope that holistic alternatives like CBD can reduce neurological inflammation. As a result, disorders like Alzeimer’s will overtake a person’s brain at a much slower rate. If one were to implement this into a daily regimen while still healthy, the anti-inflammatory properties might be able to prevent the onset of these degenerative diseases as one ages. Potentially, miracle alternatives like CBD have the power to slow the road towards dementia.

The Future Of CBD And Alzheimer’s

When dealing with neurology, there are very few things that are straight forward. For this reason, it is still not clear how effective this method is. However, there are people using CBD products to combat neurological disorders. This anecdotal evidence seems to outweigh the success rate that Big Pharma has had on their quest to cure these disorders. Currently, CBD is simply being used to slow the digression of these broad spectrum of disorders. Once more research is allowed to be conducted on CBD’s effect on brain disorders, there is really no saying where CBD clinical trials could lead the medical world. CBD provides hope for those dealing with such tragic brain degenerative disorders.


**Always consult a medical professional about using CBD products**

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