Common Misconceptions About CBD

There Are Many Misconceptions About CBD…

Oftentimes, misconceptions can lead to high quality products being overlooked, while inferior ones reap the profits. For example, many people might look at a 2018 CBD product and see some sort of legal high targeted towards younger people. This wall of ignorance is what LIIV Organics seeks to tear down. Due to changing stigmas and new federal regulations, the allowance of hemp based CBD products (in the national market) has been overshadowed with non-psychoactive cannabis products, most of them not even worthy of being showcased on the retail front.

CBD Itself Does Not Create A “High”

The most widely held myth about Hemp cannabis products is that they are simply for intoxication. At first glance, people may view these products more as party favors than effective holistic medical alternatives. With hemp cannabinoids such as CBD, nothing could be further from the truth. Hemp-derived CBD is in no way an effective intoxicant. Simply put, CBD is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the organic composition of cannabis.


One stigma that the LIIV Organics seeks to break is the misconception between CBD and THC. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meanwhile THC can be very psychoactive at low doses. Some CBD products may contain THC, however there are many CBD products out there that are THC free.

The Medical Benefits of CBD Products

The medical benefits of CBD have the power to provide balance and healing unmatched by any other plant-based remedy. This truly sets it apart from other holistic medicine products leaving current herbal holistic remedies in the dust. Studies from a wide range of advocacy groups as well as accredited universities have found CBD to have a wide range of health benefits. The medical benefits of hemp phytocannabinoids like CBD have the power to provide balance and healing unparalleled to any other plant based remedy.

These new scientific studies are a gateway to a more healthy world. Consumers can be given the holistic medical option, opposed to the current conventional medical system that dominates Western Universities, institutions, and regulatory power through lobbying. The LIIV Organics family understands CBD products are not a cure all option. Always consult medical attention before using CBD, especially if you are already taking medications or if you are pregnant.

Nonetheless, implementing CBD into one’s diet can lead to numerous health benefits. These benefits could help reduce several of the severe health epidemics that are tearing through The United States at the current moment. In fact, US Magazine called CBD the “Wellness Vitamin Everyone Can Benefit From”.

Hemp CBD: Not The Same As Marijuana CBD

One of the biggest stumbling blocks the CBD industry has faced is potential customers passing on CBD products is the fear of losing their job because of a failed drug test. Although, this is a legitimate concern for anyone with a job that drug tests, hemp-derived CBD products generally come free of THC- the chemical that drug tests detect. Fortunately for loyal customers of LIIV Organics product line, we produce and provide the highest quality and lab tested CBD products currently on the market- without THC.

LIIV Organics: Hemp-Based CBD

LIIV Organics only carries hemp-based CBD products. This means that our CBD products have little to no THC in them, making them corporate safe. What many don’t understand about standard corporate drug tests is that these tests do not test for cannabis. Rather, typical corporate drug test labs exclusively search for THC- the main intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis.

It is important to know that LIIV Organic’s stands proudly behind the high quality products we provide and do not want any of our customers losing their careers by putting their trust in us. That is why we as an organization have taken the time to professionally test all of the products provided. LIIV Organics ensures that our growing customer base will be receiving CBD products that are “corporate safe.”

CBD Restructures And Normalizes The Brain

When working with such rich and organically dense cannabinoids like CBD, there is a laundry list of improvements that one can experience. By simply adding CBD to your supplementation routine, you are off to a better start. Accredited studies prove that CBD can help restore and regulate a healthy central nervous system. Thus, CBD alleviates several of the unpleasant side effects of anxiety. Even more importantly, it helps to re-balance the brain from damaging and toxic pharmaceutical drugs like opioids.

Yasmin Hurd, Director of the Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai in New York City states CBD actually helped “restructure and normalize” the brain at the “cellular level, at the molecular level. ‘Hurd stated that when an individual’s brain is “fundamentally changed” and diseased in this manner, they lose the ability to regulate opioid consumption, unable to quit despite their best efforts — unable to “just say no.”’ Along with the treatment for anxiety, CBD has the effective ability to consistently reduce inflammation. Thus, CBD can be a great supplement for any athlete or anyone dealing with intense debilitating pain. Many people don’t realize that stress and inflammation are two of the leading causes of death and disease. With this in mind, who wouldn’t want to try the leading plant-based remedy for these daily responses?

CBD Decreases Brain Degeneration

Along with these benefits are the miraculous effects that CBD products have had on degenerative brain disorders. Thanks to CBD, many facing neuro-degenerative disorders have a healthier option than traditional medicine. By reducing inflammation in the brain, CBD can effectively slow the tragic fall into dementia. Along with these already proven benefits, there seems to be great optimism for benefits that span far beyond reduced inflammation.

Particular studies are beginning to show that CBD could be a more effective cure for ADD/ ADHD in children. This could be a great alternative to the commonly used pharmaceutical route, that can often lead to parents and physicians putting children on highly psychoactive prescription drugs like Adderall (a highly toxic amphetamine). Although several CBD advocacy groups are quick to make claims and jump to scientific conclusions, the LIIV Organic family strives to put education and transparency first. Our company does not make claims about CBD that are not backed up by rigorous scientific evidence.

The LIIV Organics Guarantee

With a booming industry like CBD, the LIIV Organics family has a deep dedication to maintain and be at the forefront of CBD education. We strive to make sure that LIIV Organic customers not receive the highest quality lab-tested CBD products on the market. Additionally, we provide our customers with the highest quality of information about holistic medical alternatives like CBD.

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