Why Women Should Take CBD

Many people (including both men and women) have been discovering the wide range of beneficial effects of using CBD, and some have even called it the panacea of plant medicine. With recent federal legalization, CBD (also known as cannabidiol) will undoubtedly be a major health trend in 2019. People across the country will have safe access to CBD- a non-toxic plant-based medicine.

Because CBD is such a new product, consumers should carefully consider who and where they buy their CBD from. Fortunately for anyone reading this, our online store has thoroughly tested every product we sell to ensure that they are SAFE for anyone, including all the hard working mothers out there.

A Few Of The Ways CBD Can Help Women:

Better Sleep And Relaxation

According to the American Sleep Association, an upwards of 7 million U.S. citizens have some form of a sleeping disorder. What’s more, women are much more likely than men to be affected by sleeping problems. CBD is a natural remedy that can help people who suffer from sleep-related problems to get a better night of rest. Studies show that larger doses of CBD can improve sleep and reduce cases of insomnia. To promote relaxation and steadier sleep throughout the night, try using CBD products such as the Galaxy Night tincture or Sleep Aid capsules.

Relieve Menstrual Cramps

“Dysmenorrhea” is defined as painful cramps and other aches that occur during a woman’s period. An estimated 43 percent of women suffer from dysmenorrhea every month, with around 20 percent of women having such severe pain that it inhibits their ability to perform simple daily tasks. Fortunately, CBD can help relieve painful cramping. According to research, CBD intake can provide significant pain relief. Try using a CBD-infused topicals such as the CBD Cool Stick or the Goddess Elixir for lasting relief from cramps and bodily aches.

Better Skin

Research shows that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and may help in reducing the prevalence of various skin conditions like acne and psoriasis in affected individuals. CBD may potentially prevent breakouts and other unwanted skin issues.

Cancer Prevention

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Approximately 1 in 3 women will develop cancer at some point in their life. Although a cure for cancer has yet to be found, there’s research that shows that CBD is helpful in reducing cases of cancer and treating the painful symptoms involved with cancer treatment. Various studies have shown that CBD intake is correlated with a decreased risk of cancer. In fact, the National Cancer Institute found that CBD can prevent the growth of blood vessels that supply tumors and it can help decrease the side effects of cancer treatment.


On average, women have a 10% greater chance of developing an anxiety disorder than men. Fortunately, CBD can help women who struggle with anxiety. In fact, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence proving that CBD intake significantly decreases anxiety. The next time you’re feeling anxious, try taking the edge off with a CBD vape pen or some delicious CBD-infused Pumpkin Spiced Chai Tea.

All Natural- No Side Effects

Many people turn to pills or traditional medications to help them with various issues, without considering the side effects or health risks of the chemicals they are ingesting. Unlike other traditional forms of medication, CBD does not come with a range of side effects or potentially harmful ingredients. CBD is all natural, as it is taken from a plant, and it’s very unusual to experience any side effects while using CBD. What’s more, it’s virtually impossible to overdose on CBD.

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